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New Horizons Safety and Training Services (NHST) aims to be the choice provider of mining and civil construction based training and assessment services throughout the State of Queensland. We also aim to create a learning environment whereby all groups work safely, develop trust, commitment and a common sense of purpose and success.

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“Awesome! I have done all my courses with these guys and they never let me down. The trainers and the facilities are of the highest standards. I send people to them and I will be back.”

Clarissa Paul     Excavator Training

“Realism of training on site was excellent. Greg has a great attitude and very knowledgeable.”

Julian Hocking     Standard 11 Induction

“This training facility should be compulsory for all current and new mine workers to attend before they step onto a mine site. The practical learning center was excellent and makes names of other companies have been removed etc. look like total amateurs. I will be recommending this facility to all future project managers. NHST is the benchmark.”

Colin Parker     Standard 11 Induction

“Excellent course, presentation and practical procedures. Well worth participating in the the course. I would recommend to anyone, very enjoyable.”

Ron Buttery     Haul Truck Training

Standard 11 - Underground Induction


Course Code UND-GRD arrow  Enrol Online
Course Name Underground Induction (Standard 11)  
Course Duration 1 day arrow  Payment Plan Available
Course Schedule Monthly  
Course Times 7.45am to 4.00pm  
Fees $300.00  
Location 188 East St, Rockhampton QLD 4700  

Nationally Accredited Training

Standard 11 - Underground Induction

Course Description

This Standard 11 – Underground Induction has been specifically designed for candidates wishing to obtain a Generic Induction Passport, which will allow them to work in an Underground Coal Mine in Queensland.

In order to enrol in the Standard 11 – Underground Induction, candidates must first complete the 2 day Standard 11 – Surface Induction.

Upon successful completion of your Standard 11 – Underground Induction you will initially receive:

    • Statement of Completion
    • Workbook - To Be Completed On-site


The candidate must return the workbook within six (6) months from course completion and to be assessed by New Horizons Safety and Training Services.

Once the workbook have been completed successfully and returned to New Horizons Safety and Training Services, the candidate will be issued the following:

    • Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment
    • Standard 11 Surface & Underground Induction Passport - Valid For Five (5) Years


The follow unit of competency is required in additional to the Standard 11 - Surface Induction:

    • RIIERR203D Escape from hazardous situations unaided


It is a requirement by industry to have the workbook completed onsite before having a Statement of Attainment issued to the candidate. We do recommend contacting the site you work for or intend on working for to confirm any processes they may have in place.

The follow unit of competencies will be a part of the Standard 11 – Surface Induction:

    • RIIWHS201D Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
    • RIIERR205D Apply initial response First Aid
    • RIIGOV201D Comply with site work processes/procedures
    • RIIRIS201D Conduct local risk control
    • RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace
    • RIIERR302D Respond to local emergencies and incidents


Candidates of the Standard 11 – Underground Induction will develop real skills by being involved in practical activities conducted in our own workshop. Skills that are fundamentally important to the mining industry such as:

    • Hazard identification
    • Risk control
    • Isolating and tagging
    • Communication
    • Manual handling
    • Use and control of hazardous substances


These skills are an integral part of the Standard 11 – Underground Induction and workshop activities will provide participants with opportunity to develop those skills.



Recognised Standard 11 – Information

The purpose of this standard is to assist sites to establish and maintain a training system which includes processes for identifying and delivering competent, safe and efficient work teams. Recognised Standard 11 compliant Coal Mining Induction training programs have been developed to assist mine sites in meeting their legislative obligations.



BMA Mine Site Induction

This induction is not valid for BMA Mine Sites, however after you have completed your workbook and received your statement of attainment you can complete the BMA Bridging Program with BMA. This will allow candidates to have dual Standard 11 Inductions valid for both BMA and non-BMA sites. This process also works in reverse if you have only completed a BMA Mine Site Induction.


Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this training course, candidates will be issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment and a Standard 11 – Surface & Underground Induction card valid for five (5) years.

To access to copy of training package click here.


Course Pre-Requisites

Candidated must first complete the Standard 11 – Surface & Induction.


Language, Literacy and Numeracy

This training program requires basic reading, writing and numeracy skills.
Prior to enrolling please contact New Horizons Safety and Training Services to discuss our support services if required.


Your Rights and Responsibilities

It is a requirement of the Australian Skills and Qualification Authority (ASQA) that students be made aware of their rights and responsibilities prior to enrolling into any of our training courses at New Horizons Safety and Training Services.

Your rights and responsibilities can be found in our Participant Information Handbook.


How to Enrol

If you would like to register for this course, please download our Course Enrolment Form or alternatively you can Enrol Online. To enquire about our course fee schedule, course availability or enrolling, please contact our office on (07) 4927 0666.

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